Film reviews

so, some more reviews whilst I wait for my brain to have some good ideas for the work I’m doing.

1.  Funny Games – a totally fucked up thriller – 2 teenagers go on a psycho kidnap murger rampage in summer holiday lakeside house country somewhere in America.  Its a very good, brutal, nasty film that is totally spoiled by

  1. one of the characters keeps on doing “talk to the camera” moments for no good reason
  2. after a good twisty bit, the character grabs a remote control and rewinds and plays the scene again.  so crap and ruins it.
  3. the ending is poor – they didnt have to do it like that, its unresolved and leaves the viewer going “huh?”

5/10 – worth a watch but be prepared to be disapointed.

2.  Big Stan – a Rob Schneider film.  A very light hearted, silly, purile comedy. If you like sillyness, Rob Schneider/Adam Sandler type films then you’ll love this. 

8/10  – good , silly and funny.

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