big hairy-arsed bushfire this easter weekend 😦

can’t believe how much damage was done to the area – 300+ ha burned.  Luckily noone was hurt and no houses were lost.  It blew embers across the railway and dual carriage way right into people’s gardens, starting lots of small spotfires, including all around the house we rented uptil a month ago. 

The firefighters had a harder job due to the very strong winds and also the national park used to be a naval bombing range and has unexploded ordenance, so they couldn’t do quite so much.  still, the helitacs and water bombers were out for the best part of 2 days and managed to stop it burning so much more.

This is the view from the end of my road less than 1km away. 

Oh, and apparently, it was deliberately lit.  After all the deaths in Victoria too. 

fuckers, hope they burn in hell

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