new design

I got sick of the old black one, too dark and small writing and generally – meh!

Anyway – here we are, end of the working week (thank- you Easter) and its still lunchtime.  Well, of a fashion. I have a conference call in a few minutes – the joy of working on large projects with lots of people and multi millions of dollar (that I’ll never see more than a fraction of a % of) contracts. 

So, Perth was a bit on fire this morning.  I didnt notice it on my way in (which, lets face at, at 6:50am, I’m not really in the business of noticing very much, its a mirracle that I make it in unscathed every day at all – there’s a story about that actually, which I might decide to write in a minute), but when I got to work shortly before 8 in the salubrious suburb of Cannington (yes, some more eagle eyed readers (of which there are only about 3, so who I am kidding) may make the connection about where I actually spend some of my working life) the place was all smokey and burny.  Not Cannington proper (although some may say this is a wasted opportunity), just “somewhere out there in the direction of the hills”  – smoke and whatnot everywhere.

Its all gone now, so the helitacs and firemen (for the record – I am never going to use the terms “firey” and “ambo”) must have got it all under control.  So thats all good then.

No idea where I’m going with this..

I like shirts (make sure I have an “h” and not a “k” in the word so I’m not telling the world something quite different).  I get to wear them for work and I mostly have interesting ones – I like pink shirts lots – people don’t tend to wear them in Perth, perhaps the average man on the street is not as comfortable with his masculinity as I am.  I’ve oft wondered if people who drive very pimped V8’s (I’m leaving very and pimped bit in there cos my finacee’s ex-  my to-be step children’s father – drives a V8 and he’s a Good Bloke) are the same people who noticably don’t wear pink shirts.  Anyway, as I was saying, I like to wear cool shirts and look smart and its become clear that I dont have enough non work shirts.  We have casual dress Fridays and I refuse to wear t-shirts to work, but I only really have a couple of non-work shirts.  So I need to get some more.   I love Paul Smith shirts, but I’m not sure I have the look (or height) to carry them off. Never mind the cost.  They’re something like $250 each.  They saying goes “you cant put a price on style” – well, you can.  $250.  so there.


Well that was all totally random – lunch over, back to work and conf’ll have to wait for the story bit that I promised earlier..

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