I’m poorly. bleaugh.

but I still have to work so I’m sat at home on my lonesome working on yet another proposal..

Its raining today – I’ve not seen rain in ages – it didnt rain back in Blighty last week, it was just grey and parky – and its not rained here since December I think.  I dunno, I wasnt really counting. 

Theres a terrible smell outside today – like stale poo – yuk!  No idea where it was coming from – maybe one of the factories on the Kwinana strip not so far from here – I don’t know.  Anyway, it was awful, but the rain washed it away, which will make my working from home a bit more bearable.

The dog is sniffing.  a lot.  She does that often, but you know how you notice something and suddenly thats all you can hear or see.  Well this is like that.  gah! be quiet puppy!

and onto work I must get.  man, this is exciting stuff isnt it!

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