321 and we’re back

Third verse, same as the first, or something,

Its been too long since I wrote stuff down – and I forget what I’ve done half the time.  Ok, ok, more than half the time.  So, to catch up on the last 2 years of not we go for a little catch up.  In reverese chronological order (at least I think its reverse – how about top down? oh, you figure it out)

Henry born
Move to Royston
Oracle buy my company – well, not mine, just the one I work for, or I’d have my own island and wouldn’t be blogging anymore..I’d be too chilled..
Leave the UK and move to Australia
Start work for ASG
Buy a house

and there we are, bang up to date.


but I bet you’ll be expecting a bit more from now on.  Oh, okay then, be like that..

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