so, I finally moved from England to Australia and am now settled in Perth.

Its been a mad month, with leaving my job, packing up and shipping my stuff, moving back with my parents for a couple of weeks and generally having as much fun with my kids as I could fit in.

And then I flew out..

Been here for just over 2 weeks now and I think I have most things under control – I even had a preliminary job offer today, which is pretty cool 😀 I should hear back next week with the details and salary and stuff, but its looking pretty promising I have to say. I also have an opportunity with my old company, Oracle, so we’ll see where that goes in the coming days.

I’m going to enjoy my last week of “freedom” with some photo expeditions (well, probably just cafe hangouts and people shots) and if the weather allows, some sitting on the beach – its not been warm enough yet really to do that. Having said that, its a good deal warmer than when I went to Camber Sands with Ella at the end of August.

Watch this space for some more news 🙂

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