I gave the nikon 50mm f1.8 to Jay as the Sigma macro 50mm is a pain with autofous – hunting about all over the place. Its fine with the D300 as its autofocus is better and finer grained, but the D50 really doesnt like it.

So, I need to buy a replacement.

In the meantime, the 18-200VR superzoom still surprises me. I’m learning where the soft spots are with it now – the D50 was fine and just didnt show them, but the D300 is quite unforgiving of any compromises in a lens. What it is really really good at though is as a travel lens. It has to be the best lens on the market for this kid nd of thing.

To give you an idea – in Dubai airport I was bored and tried to get some people moving long-ish exposure shots, handheld with it. a 2 second exposure produced this

The slight softness is actually a photoshop action – Pioneer Woman’s “lovely and ethereal” action – its was pretty sharp all things considered

So 3 cheers for the image stabilisation and Nikon’s lenses.

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