Down Under

I’ve been in Perth for a couple of weeks now, just chilling with Jay and the girls. Its been fun, sunny and warm, lots of time to just do normal things, plus as Jay has a break between courses and the girls are at school, we have time to explore a bit, have lazy coffee mornings on the beach front and generally relax.

We’ve been to Serpentine to see the dam and the falls, to Freo for lunch, to the cinema and wandered up a disused railway line to take photos. Had lots of time to play through the viewfinder with the box brownie too 🙂

Jay’s been doing her 52 weeks shots, getting all creative and I’ve been making tea (you can take the girl out of Yorkshire..) and urban acid-ing every photo in sight.

news wise, I got the pre-grant notice of my visa this week, so I’ll have that in about 10 days, and I applied for a few jobs, spoke to an agency about one in particular (looks very promising) and got info about opening bank accounts. I’ll only have 8 or 9 weeks before I’m out here for good 🙂

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