Friday *sigh*

its been a mixture of good and bad today.

bad – cos I hadnt slept well, yet still had to get up early.
bad – cos I didnt get to spend long with Jay on skype or on the phone
bad – cos my performance review was still along the lines of “okay-ish but with flashes of undeniable brilliance”
bad – cos its a howling gale outside
bad – cos a few good guys were leaving work for new jobs today

good – cos I did get to speak to my Jay a little.
good – cos I got some veiled praise in my review
good – cos I know it doesnt really matter. I’ll be gone in 3 months.
good – cos Henry was crawling today
good – cos Ella is a little star and made me swell with pride doing maths in the car
good – cos Ella was defending me against some old friends who arent too happy that my ex and I are getting along really well. They’d prefer it if everyone was miserable I think.

So yeah – a mixed day. I’m tired, but happy.

Ella was really quick at maths in the car – she can add up, but a bit slowly and by counting it all out. So I showed her the “count on from the first number to the second using fingers” method. I.e 3 + 5 – start at 3 and count 5 fingers and the numbers from 3 to get the answer. She had this nailed in just 5 minutes.

We then tacked subtraction – same deal – she had it done in a few mins, but we were rolling around laughing when I told her that you could add up to take away…showing her that 8 – 3 could be worked out by counting up from 3 to 8 and adding up the fingers.. she was amazed that it worked, but was then able to do some good ones like 13 – 8 in just a few seconds.

*proud Daddy*

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