I’m Richard.  Or Charlie.  well, both.  depends. 🙂

I’m an ex-vegetarian, red wine drinking, chocolate loving, Holga shooting, mountain biking, misunderstood genius.  I live in a house in the forest in Perth, Australia with my wife, budding artist/writer and her 2 two crazy bonkers children.   I have 2 gorgeous children of my own who live with their mother in England – at least twice a year there will be pages and pages of photos of them from when I go back to see them 🙂

I was hoping to make this blog all highbrow and full of wonderful insights, but realistically, it was only ever going to be shallow with lots of pretty pictures, reviews of red wine (check out Red Wine Wednesdays) and maybe the odd post about boobs.

Love you all long time 🙂

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  1. Just clicked through some of your photos and most of the ones I’ve seen thusfar are fantastic, you really got something there. I envy you, photography is something I’d love to get into if I wasn’t as lazy / had the money to travel to places worth photographing!
    Hope you don’t mind if I put this blog on my blogroll, if nothing else, more people definitely need to see the pics.

    I’m curious – ex-vegetarian?


    • Thank you 🙂 You don’t have to have a good camera and be in exotic locations to take good pictures – any camera will do, you just have to use it! People, street stuff, landscapes, urban decay, even graffiti – its all fair game. There’s a real inverse snobbery about cameras these days – film, especially black and white is very popular, but your phone cam is as good as anything. Its not in the number of pixels, but how you see something.

      I was veggie for 3 years as I went off the taste of meat – got my carnivore mojo back last year, but sometimes I feel I could easily go back..


  2. You’re most probably right. I think I’m just trying to distract from my own talentlessness when I blame it on having no proper camera / no money! I know there’s tons of great urban photography stuff out there and tons of great accessible locations.

    And interesting; you’re the first ex-vegetarian I’ve talked to, most veggies seem to stay that way.


    • I concur Jayne! I’ve just trawled the blog and can’t seem to find any odd posts about boobs either!! I feel short changed and little let down 😉


  3. Hi Charlie! Thanks for following my blog! Living in Australia sounds lovely! That must be hard being away from your kids so much, but you probably have great reunions 🙂


    • Hi Lily – it is hard – but as you say, coming back to see them is so sweet. Only a few weeks to go till my next trip back 🙂


  4. Your posts are full of witty retorts. That’s refreshing in my book. When you add a gorgeous photograph on top of that it makes for real entertainment. 🙂


  5. Hi Charlie, thanks for the follow! I love the way blogging leads to random contacts with people from all over and windows into life in different places. I enjoyed reading your blog and to see your very nice images!

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    • Hi Freddy – thanks for the comment! It is brilliant how that happens – I have blog friends from all over the world – it’s lovely, as you say, to get a little glimpse into other peoples lives – kinda puts my own little world into perspective!


  6. Hi Charlie, I came across a comment you made at the CDC – The Coega Daily Commute a number of years back where you mentioned that you were having trouble utilizing your Manitou Sport Suspension fork. By chance do you still have it? If you do would you consider selling it? I am looking for one to convert into a suspension fork for my 6 year old sons 20 inch wheeled MTB.



  7. Charlie! You are the long-lost Charlie from blog.uk! HA! Long time, no trouble!
    Lots of catching up. I will try to find you on FB where I’ve just installed myself as Anna Legat.
    Good thing I visited my forgotten wordpress blog! 🙂
    Anna, once known as ABE


  8. welcome to ann arbor, michigan. nice to meet you charlie, and thanks for following, i look forward to doing the same ) beth
    p.s. one of my daughters and her aussie husband and 2 boys live in bunbury

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