2016 and beyond..

Well, I can start with one thing – 2016 didn’t involve much blogging.  Or much of anything other than working and existing.

The serious injury to my left leg really managed to screw up a part of my entire year and I could do very little of the things that I had hoped to enjoy.

Sadly, I actually don’t see much change ahead in that regard, so I have accepted the fact that the way I wanted to explore and adventure is, for now at least, closed to me.   Hey ho.

So, on with the wrap up and look forwards..

Its been a wet winter and spring, which has led to a fair bit of hunkering down and waiting it out.  I’m still riding the bike occasionally – not off road, thats the bit I cant do, but I do take the thing out from time to time.

Views from my office on successive days..20160922_11174020160927_133347

I rode out with half the Western Australian Police Force on the first leg of their ride across the country on the Wall to Wall ride..


The weather did improve – was a good chance to see how Elizabeth Quay was coming along.20160823_165929

The bike came out a few times..


The sun really started to come out and I made the most of the local area to get some clear air and perspective20160910_16583720160911_103407

We had to sell the faithful Speed Machine. Big un needed a safer car to learn to drive and crash in, so it had to go for one with airbags, ABS and indicators that worked when it was sunny..20160921_161956

I did some pens stuff – journalling, cleaning, new pens and new inks and going to Yagan’s Cafe in Freo to meet up with the Perth Pen community.20160926_13250320161219_10430320161224_17325920161211_16080620161211_16092020161211_160825

Went for walks when I could – this is what screws up my leg though, sadly.  But the place is so beautiful, especially when it’s been stormy.20161015_11540720161015_11551220161029_074556

Walked about at work too – this is  the new Stadium in Perth.20161019_123717

Went out for lunch with Jay20161029_123914

Serviced my bike and replaced the brakes.20161030_100917

Cleared up my patio so that we could enjoy it more for the summer. Need a new table and chairs set though – these are uncomfortable and way past their best..20161224_12052020161224_180243

And got out again on foot to enjoy the fresh air20161230_07431720161230_07450920161230_09345320161223_215935lrm_export_20161223_220258_perfectlyclear20161113_08541420161113_084307

And here’s your greying host… 20161207_164617

So thats all the photos for the year!

So, 2017 – what’s the deal?!

  1. Recovery.  I really need my leg to get better
  2. Bike – need to replace the suspension – its made for 60kg people.
  3. Writing – more cursive practice.  I made progress last year – I will make more this year.
  4. Less mobile phone – there’s not a world inside the device, it’s just a device.  The world is here and now.  Put the phone down and live a bit.
  5. Blogging – need to do more of this.  Hopefully with  the above 4, there will be things to write about and time to do it.
  6. Work – have 5 months more work and then change is in the air.  I am going to be in control of that change, not be passive in it.

2017 is going to be a good year because I will make it a good year.

3 Comments on “2016 and beyond..

  1. Lovely photos. I particularly agree with nos 4 & 6 of your NY resolutions. Good luck.


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