The Liebster Award

Kell tagged me with an award thing.  A Liebster Blog Award  I had no idea what a Liebster Award even was.

Turns out its this:

The real “gist” of the Liebster Award is that there is no real award. There are no judges, no special rules. No website with an official team to congratulate you and hold your hand. It’s mostly what you want it to be. If you receive the award, you can 1) accept it and 2) pass it along. It’s that easy.

So there you go.  It’s kinda just a quiet appreciation tag thingy.  Thanks Kell.

So – my challenge from Kell – it’s kind a like a top 10.

1) Do you have a place you visit in a recurring dream?

Recurring dreams are very peculiar.  I get tend not to get regular recurring ones, but a rerun of one that I had 20 years or more ago.  Like dream deja vu.   I don’t think I have a specific place, but this  does remind me of my first year at Uni.  My class went to Broadhaven in Wales on a field trip and after plenty of drinking in the hotel bar, a few of us got talking about dreams and about lucid dreaming (when you’re awake enough to control your dream).  One girl, Louise (that I liked a lot) and I agreed to try to meet up on the sea front for a joint lucid dream experience (not sure what I was hoping for…).  Didn’t work, 3 nights of trying, no matter what we did.  Hey ho. Probably should have just told her I thought she was cool.

Maybe I should have just tried to fly


2) Which albums or songs were your personal soundtrack to the year you turned 18?

Primitives, Crash

Steve Earle, Copperhead Road


Inxs, Kick

Guns and Roses ,Welcome to the Jungle
B52’s, Wild Planet
The Cult, fire woman
Fine Young Cannibals – The raw and the cooked.


So many songs.  I was in a band, learning covers for pub gigs, writing our own material – so a lot of music passed my way.

Fleetwood Mac, Rhiannon
Robert Palmer, Bad case of lovin’ you
Madonna, Holiday
Free, Alright now

3) Which band did you originally hate but in time became one of your favourites?

Culture Club, Inxs.  And possibly Duran Duran.

And Soul 2 Soul – back to life.  I hated that shit, but now it’s kind of a classic from 1989, ironically.

4) Which is your favourite holiday, and how do you usually celebrate it?

Don’t really have one TBH.  What I’d like is to have a family tradition, but Jay really isn’t into that kind of sentimental claptrap.  So I might make my own tradition that will just be for myself and gets passed on to no-one.

Maybe a walk on the beach at dawn on Christmas morning, or something.

5) What is your most outrageous Lotto dream? Not helping family/charity or paying bills, just something completely out there if you had the money and permission to do anything.

Bike around the world, Ewan and Charley style.  Maybe around Australia first – it’s pretty damn big and wild.


And build a house with an underground garage for my huge bike collection that I will undoubtedly need.


And own a pub.  Not run it – I’ll pay someone else for that.  Just own one.

6) Where do you wish you could revisit again for the very first time?

Venice.  It was frickin’ incredible.  It was a while ago, so at my advanced age and fading memory, a revisit could almost be the first time again.

Also some parts of the Spanish Pyrenees.  They were incredible.

7) When do you think we will finally have hoverboards?

I hope never.  Skateboards are hateful things for people that sell their soul in order for gravity to turn a blind eye.  Sorcery.  Hoverboards are just future sorcery with antigrav.  I would say hoverbikes, but that would be cheating and pointless.  It’s the tyres contact with the road that makes it fun.

8) What is your favourite photograph of yourself?

I have a couple.  Damn, I’m getting old – the first one was taken when I lived in Royston (way back at the start of this blog – 6 years ago).  I have grey hair and a grey beard now and lines on my forehead.  Bugger.


The second I love just because.


9) What is your favourite memory about the town/city you live in now?

When Jay and I got married and my kids were here and met Anja and Piper for the first time.


And when I passed my bike test on an absolutely gorgeous day


10) What is the song that you danced to when you first danced with someone you liked?

I can’t remember the song, but I do remember dancing with Susan Rosser at an end of primary school party at someones house, but got embarrassed when my Dad came to pick me up.  Sorry Susan – I really did like you quite a lot.

11) What now obsolete or lost item from your childhood/teens, do you wish you could bring back?

My teddy.  Somehow I left it at Katharine Mair’s house and I managed to lose touch with her.  Bugger.  I had that little bear since I was only very small.

Also my space lego.  I sold it and bought a guitar, which was cool at the time, but now I wish I had the lego more!

So who to tag?  Who even reads this regularly enough to know they’ve been tagged? LOL!

Well, here goes nuffin.

Frank from AFrankAngle
Cara from Cara Benson Photography
Mrs (I don’t know your name) from Pinholistically Yours
Charlene from Charlene Winfred

if any of you lovely people see this – I just want one thing from you

What’s the one thing you could never give up?

5 Comments on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thanks for joining in Charlie. =) I love the wedding pictures, the kids are so tiny! And Jay’s hair was so long! =)
    I like All right now by Free as well. It reminds me of going to the pub with my entire family back when I was 21. The covers band was called Sweet Loretta and they used to play it. Whilst i don’t miss the smoke (pre smokefree legislation), I do miss the band.

    I couldn’t give up photography. It’s ingrained in me.


  2. You have me SO wrong on number 4. I’ve always wished for family tradition, since all of mine stayed behind with my English family members when we emigrated.


  3. You never know your kids,do you? I don’t remember you writing songs but I do remember not liking your music at the time!!!! But that’s parents for you!


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