Best Hotels

I was reading Baby Girl’s blog – and she was talking about a new fabulous hotel in the grounds of the Palace de Versailles in Paris will be created from a disused mansion – the Hôtel du Grand Contrôle.

It looks amazing – and will probably cost an arm and a leg too I suspect.

Then I got to thinking, what hotels have I stayed in over the years – here’s some of my favourites.

1.  Savoy – London.  Yes, it was everything they say and then some.  The room itself was not huge or excessively opulent (but it was pretty bloody good), but then it was only a standard room, but the facilities, bars and restaurant were amazing.  Roof level swimming pool anyone?

2.  CompleatAngler, Marlow – UK.  My best friend got married there and it was something else.  We bumped into Piers Morgan at the reception and also had a chat with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton (who were very lovely).  It did cost something disgusting like 360 pounds a night, but it was awesome and situated on the Thames, it was a lovely place to stay

3.  L’Imperial Palace, Annecy, France.  I stayed there for two nights on business and it was an amazing place with views across the lake to old Annecy town. If I remember rightly, the room was lovely and the restaurant was pretty special too.

4.  Sofitel, La Defense, Paris.  It’s not the most obvious choice, but it was a reaaaally good hotel, and the bed was the softest I’ve ever slept on.

5.  Erm. I honstly don’t know where to go from here – the rest fall into the decidedly average category.  I guess 2 weeks on an old school cruise ship (P&O Victoria) could be counted – that was a very cool experience – but the room was hardly palatial.  The food was amazing though.

So there you go.  These are the best places I’ve ever stayed.

One Comment on “Best Hotels

  1. Hey, Great post. And thanks for the shout out :). You know I have my France savings fund right? lol. So you’re choice of hotels will be my starting point. Thanks Charlie for the help 🙂


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