stars caught moonlighting

I know, its shocking, but we have a civic duty to expose the sneaky shenanigans of these high fliers and public figures.  They swan about making movies one minute and running high tech companies the next, whilst all the time living double lives that will shock you.

Yes, thats right, these trusted folks are conning us all.

Only this week I caught both Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and actor,  Arnold Vosloo (aka The Mummy),  playing piano and teaching at the Royal Ballet School in England where my daughter attends.

Yes, its true – they both moonlight at the Royal Ballet School.


oh, you want proof?  right – take a gander at these pictures taken during my daughter’s recital.

Steve Jobs at Ballet School

Steve Jobs Launching the iPhone

See – so sneaky!

Now – that Arnold Vosloo fellah is no better

Here, at a film premier, looking all handsome and like butter wouldn’t melt

Then, deceitfully presenting certificates and directing classes at the Royal Ballet School

Superstars, you just cant trust them.

Next, my cleaner is Jackie Chan

2 Comments on “stars caught moonlighting

  1. Hahahahaha!!! This is fabulous! I always knew that Steve Jobs was sneaky, but I never realized he had such an interest in ballet!


    • Maybe thats why he dropped the ball on the iPhone 4 antenna? Too damn busy with his gig at the royal ballet! And when was the last time we saw Arnold Vosloo? see – they can deny it all they like, but the evidence just piles up 😉


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