be right back..

I’m flat out busy trying to complete a rather large proposal at the moment – this has meant working every waking hour all week and now all weekend.

Sucks to be me, huh?

It’s due Monday 11:30am Perth time, so if its not totally done by Sunday night (24 hours to go) then we’re in for an all nighter too.  Not done one of those in a while.

I’m going to see Lord Christopher Monckton, Global Warming sceptic extraordinaire, on Monday night – after that, I’ll be back in form with:

1.  Lomo Diana Mini, you blow goats
2.  Red wine and spreadsheets, you know it makes sense
3.  Saddle chairs, why they aren’t all that for a bloke
4.  Simple Minds, where are you know?

and, finally,  Florence and the Machine, I think I’m in fan-love.

Stay tuned.

As Jerry Springer would say..

Take care of yourself, and each other

2 Comments on “be right back..

  1. I’ve not seen you all weekend *sad face*

    But you have done very well to work so hard under such pressure xxx


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