Its got summer hot all of a sudden

Was 34 degrees yesterday and its 36+ today – there’s a good breeze off the sea though and some clouds popping up now the afternoon is here which is chucking some much needed shade down to cool us off.

Our house faces west towards the ocean, so its easy to open the front door and the windows (we all have locking security screen doors and stuff down here to make that easy and safe) and have a lovely breeze blowing through – be better if we had the aircon working (still no progress on that – ah well, we’re using less water and electricity so its not such a bad thing) but its nice and natural.

Jay and the girls are off to see the second Twilight film this afternoon – I, however, am not.  I’m going shopping for picnic stuff for tomorrow’s B52’s and Proclaimers gig at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley just north east of Perth.  Need to go get a picnic blanket too.  Can’t wait.

So, to leave you in the mood for picnics and Rock Lobsters..

Has to be my fave song by them.  That and 52 girls.

Is it wrong to still have a fan-crush on Cindy Wilson?

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