redback season

I think it must have warmed up just enough for the spiders to come out.

Found quite a few redbacks around the outside of the house today and the girls just found one in the bathroom. Only small ones, so they’re obviously just hatching and getting settled, but small ones inside the house is still not good.

I’ll go get some barrier spray tomorrow and spray the patio furniture and some of the window frames and stuff – not everywhere as I don’t want to kill indiscriminately, spiders are part of the ecosystem like anything else, I just don’t want the really bitey ones inside or to get too comfortable right outside the house.

Speaking of good spiders, found the hunstsman that was living in the shed dead today 😦 I hadn’t realised how big it was – almost the size of my palm stretched out, tiny body though.



Although they are big, they’re timid and pretty harmless. I hope it had babies.

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