sunshine and friends

Its been miserable here lately, raining almost every day for the last 4 or 5 weeks.

Its not supposed to do that, I’m sure someone in immigration said when I first arrived here that the sun always shines. I mean, how am I supposed to “throw another shrimp on the barbie” if its under 3 feet of water?  And as for “where the bloody hell are you?”  well, I’m over here, under cover, sheltering from the pouring rain.

But today, we have sun.  And its pretty warm too.  Well, its not actually warmer than any other day really, it just feels it as the sun’s out.

I had a long chat on Skype to one of my friends that I used to work with at BEA/Oracle this afternoon (Hi Christie, if you’re reading this) – was really ace to catch up – its been more than I year since I last saw him – not sure if I’ve spoken to him since either – but it seems like yesterday since we were last nattering.  Awesome.  I do miss my old work crowd, there were a really good bunch of guys.  So, here’s to you, ex-BEA friends!

I love Skype.  Its the best damn invention ever and I still cant believe its free to make calls like this – I would have thought that skype would have started making small charges (and to be honest, I wouldnt mind paying either, its so useful) but actually very little apart from the quality has changed over the years.  So yeah, chatting away – it seems to UK is still functioning without me, but I’m glad everyone I used to work with seems ok, a little battered by the recession, but basically ok.

So, back to the sunshine. What am I going to do with it?

Sit outside with a nice glass of red wine and relax, thats what 🙂


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