its not a nice feeling

Work is slowing down a bit at the moment.  Well, a lot actually.  So much so that I really wonder how my job is going to carry on more than another few months

I listen to the garbage spouted by the politicians around the world about how much better it is since they did all their wonderful intervention and stimulus packages, how things are looking up, and in the case of Australia, how we didn’t get a recession after all that and arent we clever how we’re going to be top of the global pile

Well, look around folks.  Look carefully.   Things arent just slow, they’ve stopped.  Gone in to reverse gear.  Theres a massive oversupply of labour at the moment here and around the world, companies geared up for expansion, ready to move into the high gear, but where is the work?  Its gone.

I don’t see the big companies spending money – quite the opposite – they’re in savings mode and thats not good for me.

I’m still picking up jobs here and there, boring stuff mostly, but enough to keep me billable, delivering work, making myself useful, but its a long way from what I’m used to doing, a long way from what I’m good at doing.  Hopefully things will pick up – in the meantime, I’ll keep abreast of the latest Oracle and industry stuff and see what training courses are out there.

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