pushing a boulder up a mountain

I should stress upfront, in case anyone from work should read this and wonder – I like working for my company.  Yes, it has ups and downs.  No, its not perfect.  But it has lots of potential and I’m learning lots of new things.


When I started this project at a particular customer I was full of optimism and high hopes.  I’d seen some of the problems before, I’d worked on nasty technical challenges and beaten them in the past – this should be no different.  Get stuck in and it life would be better.

sadly, its not worked out like that.

Technically, there are some good solutions.

Politically, none of them will fly
Politically, there’s no will to accept and implement alternate solutions
Politically, 5 of the 6 improvements are going to die before they are really born.

I’ve never seen such resistance to change, to accept there are things that could be done better, to embrace them and move on.

Ah well, c’est la vie.

Hopefully the next project wont be this hard

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