oh my, its full of stars

Its great to be living in such a lightly populated area.  Yes, there are lights, roads, houses blach blah, but so much less than in good old England.  I dont know if the sky is much clearer than I’m used to as well, but just looking up at the sky from the front porch reveals many times more stars than I’m used to seeing.  

Milky Way – no problem, all there in glorious detail.  I think it seems brighter down here cos the Milky Way passes through Sagittarius, the direction of the center of the Galaxy and thus lots of stars 🙂

But also I can see Orion (albeit upside down) much more clearly, although it does sit over an area of slight light pollution so its not all perfect

So, whats the purpose of this post?  I want another telescope!

I gave my old one to a friend before I left England (hope you’re still getting some use from iut, Michael) as its too fragile to make the trip down here and I really wasnt using it that much.  Plus, its so much warmer here -wandering outside at night for the best clear sky isnt the ball numbing experience it is in Blighty!

so, I shall save up some and convert the top of my shed to become an observatory.  Maybe.

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