earth hour

Earth Hour – good idea, in theory.  Turn off unnecessary lights, computers and stuff, don’t have to generate so much power, use less coal/gas, pollute less as a result – yeah, I can buy into that.  Efficiency is a Good Thing.

Tie that in with “Global Warming”, however, and link in CO2 production with it – I’m less than convinced.

Mostly cos the people shouting loudest about Earth Hour and the evils of CO2 were sitting aroung holding vigils by candle light whilst the lights were off.

Yes, candles.  Thousands of them, living rooms, all lined up on the steps of national monuments, patio tables, all over the house…

Yes. Fire and burning and all releasing, no, wait for it – CO2.

Pure. Genius.  Well done folks.  Credibility at 0%

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