so, looking at that list, what actually got done?

change all the plugs on the stereo from UK to Oz – nope 😦
unpack all my clothes from the shed – nope 😦
buy some paint, dust sheets etc – lounge, hall, bedrooms and bathrooms – ouch – yes! 🙂
buy an outdoor broom and some loppers – nope, ran out of money! 😦
fix the plaster chips on the corners (well you try moving a bookcase through a tight turn all by yourself..) – yes! 🙂
paint over that awful pinky red in the lounge and stupid rag rolled orange in the hall – yes! 🙂
look at bookcases for the study and lounge – yes! 🙂
call a tv ariel guy – nope 😦

What I did do though was unpack all the kitchen stuff from my UK boxes.

more painting tonight – maybe I’ll get the camera out one of these days too..

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