Back in the real world

Got back to Perth on the 3rd of Jan and it was bloody hot coming out of the airport, especially as I’d been in either air conditioned comfort or the freezing UK air for 3 days.

Was nice to get back home though and one of the first things I did was to skype the kids.

Poor Henry, being small, burst into tears when I spoke to him and wanted me to cuddle him (we’d being doing lots of that and I miss it too).  They’d had the remainder of their presents and were pretty happy.

The next day, Monday 4th I had to prep for an interview (sorry if any work people read this – its true, its not that I’m really unhappy with my job or company, it just pays to explore the market every now and again – if I get the new job, I’ll be over the moon as its a good opportunity, if I don’t, its a shame but I’ll carry on and continue to focus 100% on my current job – does that cover my arse enough?) which was a pain – it was a presentation on stuff that I don’t know anything about, so I had to put in 1/2 days work to get to grips with what I had to do.

The interview the next day went well I think, although I haven’t heard yet – its always hard to gauge what an interview panel really think –  I’ll let you all know what happens as soon as I know anything.

So, we’re almost upto date – back to work this week already although very little is happening at the moment as a lot of people are still away.  I have a big project to take part in this month, although I’m not sure what my active involvement as technical architect will actually be as this is going to be a hands on exercise, I’ll find out on Monday.

Well, thats a load of text without any pretty, to remedy’s some I took the other night 🙂

Its another beautiful day today, so I may pop out to get some photos this afternoon 🙂


I worked it out – I have to use image capture to download the photos as iTunes doesnt do it – very odd!

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure – some photos from the last week or so – mostly taken with “The Best Camera” iPhone app.

trips to the beach

went down to the beach last night at sunset with the girls – the sunset looked promising (it wasn’t really that special in the end but its no biggie) and we had time before the girls needed to be in bed.

I picked up the cameras and a jumper too as it was a bit chilly in the evening air (isn’t it supposed to be summer already? I remember last year it was properly hot by now) and jumped in the car (I know, its only a 10 min walk, but we didn’t have that much time)

Was lovely down there and I took some wicked photos (for which you will have to wait as I’m in the city today and my photos are at home and I’ve not quite finished processing) – abstract and motion blur ones. Took a couple of portraits too which came out pretty well, although I wish I’d thought to being the flash gun to add a little fill light to one of the shots. Next time – I know what I want to achieve in the shot and how to get it now.

The girls went off up the beach jumping over the waves and splashing about in the twilight – they got totally soaked too – they are going to have to wear their bathers when we go again, they just can’t help themselves!

So yeah, was a nice night, relaxed, creative and fun.

Oh, and for those of you who want to know where I live – well, I’m not telling you specific details for obvious reasons, but here’s a general view of the bay from Google Maps.

The bay where I live

Nice, huh?

Trip to York

York is a heritage town in the wheatbelt to the east of Perth. Its a fair old trek from where we live by the sea, so we packed the camera bags and headed out early as its a couple of hours drive through the forest and out into the fields.

On the way we stopped off at a place that makes it own olive oil – run by a charismatic Frenchman – and full of the yummiest locally made honey, tapenade, olive oil, etc. We came away with some bounty (of course) for later. The local scenery is lovely too, with rolling fields and totally unspoiled forest.

York is only a small town with architecture straight out of the wild west, quaint, with verandahs, wrought iron fretwork and the original signwriting on the buildings. Its pretty quiet and cool. We went for a walk about, had some nice lunch and went off for a tour around the old courthouse. Its wonderfully preserved – you walk into the later of the 2 courtrooms, then to the earlier basic courtroom, then the jail cells, which are scarily small and with preserved graffiti on the walls. All the pictures I took of York are on the Holga or Trip 35, so you’ll just have to wait for those 🙂

Went on to the main Catholic church – a very nice traditional building with lovely stained glass windows



Had a very disappointing Devonshire Tea in the somewhat crap Yorky’s Coffee Carriage tea shop, but consoled ourselves with a load of shots with the Holgas and Trip 35’s then came home via Brookton, a scenic detour through the most gorgeous countryside.

Trip 35's

Trip 35's

Drive was lovely, through the fields of the wheatbelt – which actually extends 100’s of miles to the east.

Great Southern Highway

Great Southern Highway





fields near Brookton

fields near Brookton

In Brookton, saw this wonderful sign. Not sure how that actually works as a business though..any ideas?

smalltown business

smalltown business

next post – the canola fields.

day out

Having been couped up for months due to illness, bad backs, non-stop rain and generally having other things to do, we decided to plan a proper day out.

Jay got lots of yummy food for a picnic on Friday, we programmed the GPS (thats a story for later on..) and this morning, headed off to Araluen Botanic Park

Its about an hours drive from where we are, so its doable within the bounds of whinging children getting fed up and Jay’s bad back starting to complain.

The GPS was more of a hindrance than a help – taking us down more than one wrong turning, including a dead end.  Thanks a bunch,  If there’s one thing I hate, its going the wrong way.  Gah!   I find the GPS useful if I’m on my own in the car – if Jay’s there, she pretty much knows where we have to go anyway as she’s lived here for 20 years.

So, we arrived at 10ish and the place was deserted.  It was still a little chilly but the flowers were all out and we had the place to ourselves really.  Took the Holga, the Trip and the D300, so more than enough cameras really!  Got some (I hope) nice pics with the Holga as the sun was bright enough for the Velvia 100 film. The Trip 35 was in its element, making simple snaps a pleasure.  Only shot a few with the digital – I’ll upload any later if they’re any good.

Its amazing how many people had DSLR’s there – more than 1/2 the people there were toting some serious hardware and almost all of them standing back and taking shots on zoom or auto mode with the flash up.  *sigh*  how many of them will be going home and thinking they’re the best photographer since David Bailey (Trip 35 reference – he was advertising them in the 70’s – search for the video on youtube)