Was very hot in Perth yesterday – 43 degrees according to the news and I don’t doubt it.  It was already over 30 at 7am when I caught the train and when I went out to get lunch, the air was so warm it felt like it was burning the inside of my nose.  You know when you get a blast of hot air from the oven when you open it – like that.

The office started to heat up a fair bit in the afternoon, so I came home early – just as well as all the trains were on a slow timetable because of the heat.  Over 40 degree days happen every summer, so why on earth would you build a railway that can’t take it?  The A/C on the train was really struggling too, especially as it was packed full 😦

Anyway, I got home (via the bottle shop and 12 bottles of cold beer) and was melting by then – I really must retire my English smart office trousers – they’re too thick material for this country.

Was bliss to get my shoes and socks off and get into shorts!

Went out to take some photos at Point Peron as the heat was causing some clouds to appear over the ocean – good chance of a nice sunset, but the clouds really rolled in and the sunset wasn’t like it could have been.   There was another photographer on the beach – a Belgian guy called Tim – who was pretty cool – had a good chat whilst snapping away.  He was getting some great pics straight out of the camera – I really miss my filters that got broken when my camera fell into the sea.

Despite the sunset colours being nothing to write home about, I got some corking photos.  I messed about a little in Lightroom and was pretty happy with what came out.


Its hot today

Over 40 according to my thermometer thingy.

Not as hot as I’ve felt here, but close.  Hot enough to make the grass too warm to walk on.  Probably hot enough to fry eggs on the drive, not that I would, detesting eggs like I do.

Gonna go out to take some pics at Point Peron after dinner, hopefully get some nice low sun/dunes/plants etc shots.  We’ll see.

From yesterday..


Jay burned her hand picking up a pyrex dish from the oven with an oven glove that had the heat resistant properties of a wet tissue and has been stomping around with her hand packed in ice all evening.

So when the sunset started to look promising I suggested we go to the beach and get some air and chill for a bit.

Speaking of chill, even though it was warm out,  her hand being packed in ice kinda made her cold, so whilst I took photos, she sat shivering on the sand- LOL!

On to the pictures – one panorama and two experiments with motion..


Its been quite a warm and hazy day today which usually bodes well for a corker of a sunset.

I sat on the front porch for a bit as the sun made its way down and lit up the sky

sunset palm

sunset palm

I popped out to get a few beers and a couple of bottles of wine just before the sun went all the way down, then headed a couple of minutes down the road to where all the big posh houses sit high on the dunes overlooking the ocean.

The sunset was lovely and mellow – there’s no wind today and it was so peaceful on the beach. A school (or is is pod?) of dolphins were swimming lazing circles in the bay and a few people were swimming in the last light. Perfect.





The best thing about really still and quiet evenings is I can hear the ocean from my bed as I fall asleep.


We’ve had a few days of wind and woolly weather again here in Perth – 125kph (70+mph) winds and rain/hail/thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening  – well, not really, just very very wet.

The house held up well – the front door has been leaking worse than ever as the new seal seems to trap the water and allow it to seep under the door in larger volumes than ever.  A new solution is needed and fast!

Anyway, Jay’s back has been really bad this weekend, so apart from attending the First Communion of the daughter of some friends of ours, we haven’t done a lot.  In fact, today, Sunday, was so slumpy that the girls didn’t get changed from their PJ’s till 4:30 when I announced I was off to Point Peron to take some photos.

It  chucked it down just as we were driving up the access road and the sky was very brooding, so I did wonder if it was a good idea to walk around the point. Its not too far, maybe 15 mins walk from the car to the furthest bit, but the rain here really is something else and there is no shelter at all.  Anyway, as it happened, we managed to dodge the showers and had an excellent walk, saw loads of huge crabs in the rock pools, talked to the girls about erosion and stuff (once a geologist, always a geologist) and took some photos.

Point Peron

Point Peron


Point Peron Storm

The walk on the way back was interesting as the storms has brought in thousands of Portuguese Man o’War jellyfish and spread them all over the beach – Piper didnt have shoes on and the stingers can be really nasty for several days  – so that was good fun.  Not.   Most of them were tiny, but there were a few bigger ones with very long tentacles.  Nothing by halves, this country.

Portuguese Man o'War

Portuguese Man o'War