day out

Having been couped up for months due to illness, bad backs, non-stop rain and generally having other things to do, we decided to plan a proper day out.

Jay got lots of yummy food for a picnic on Friday, we programmed the GPS (thats a story for later on..) and this morning, headed off to Araluen Botanic Park

Its about an hours drive from where we are, so its doable within the bounds of whinging children getting fed up and Jay’s bad back starting to complain.

The GPS was more of a hindrance than a help – taking us down more than one wrong turning, including a dead end.  Thanks a bunch,  If there’s one thing I hate, its going the wrong way.  Gah!   I find the GPS useful if I’m on my own in the car – if Jay’s there, she pretty much knows where we have to go anyway as she’s lived here for 20 years.

So, we arrived at 10ish and the place was deserted.  It was still a little chilly but the flowers were all out and we had the place to ourselves really.  Took the Holga, the Trip and the D300, so more than enough cameras really!  Got some (I hope) nice pics with the Holga as the sun was bright enough for the Velvia 100 film. The Trip 35 was in its element, making simple snaps a pleasure.  Only shot a few with the digital – I’ll upload any later if they’re any good.

Its amazing how many people had DSLR’s there – more than 1/2 the people there were toting some serious hardware and almost all of them standing back and taking shots on zoom or auto mode with the flash up.  *sigh*  how many of them will be going home and thinking they’re the best photographer since David Bailey (Trip 35 reference – he was advertising them in the 70’s – search for the video on youtube)

shooting with the Trip

I have the Trip 35 and the Holga with me today as promised and guess what – it was fookin’ cloudy again this morning.  Not a problem for the Trip, but the Holga needs sun.

So, I popped out across the road for a coffee with one the guys I work with and took the Trip.

The good thing about Perth is the traffic lights take an age to change and all go in sequence – none of this filtering across traffic to turn right or anything – so its possible to sit in the middle of St Georges Terrace, the main road through the center of Perth and take photos down the middle of the road before the cars start moving again.

So I did.  Squatted down and took some snaps looking down the barrel of cars waiting for green a light.

Then, to the horror of the security guards in the courtyard of QV1 – I *gasp* took some photos there too.  The guards started closing in, calling on their walkie talkies.  I mean, what a liberty, an open space and a camera.  I must be a terrorist, dammit, I even have brown eyes and a beard.   Its almost certain that I’ll go away and develop the film in my secret lair, studying the picture for the slightest security weaknesses.

Too bad for them then that I just walked off before they could aprehend Perth’s answer to The Jackal.

100% unsuccess rate

Every time I’m at the office in Perth I take a good long look at the weather forecast to see if its worth lugging a camera in with me for a few shots at lunch or after work. I’m only shooting with the Holga at the moment and I really love Velvia 100 film, which means it really has to be bright sunshine for any shots.

So far, I’ve managed to bring it in only to see clouds and rain roll in, and leave it at home only to see, as today, the clouds break and the sun come out.


I need to find some 400ISO colour 120 film I think. In the summer here it wont be a problem, its always bright sunshine, but in this damp attempt at spring where the weather forecast has been pretty much random compared to what is actually happening outside, Velvia 100 just isnt fast enough.

I’m in again tomorrow, and its looking like its going to be bright sun, I’m bringing the camera no matter what!

first films

so, as you know, I’m on the quest for photographic enlightenment and that involves a forray back into the world of film. Starting with the basics – a Holga medium format toy camera and (still to arrive – Monday hopefully) Olympus Trip 35

As I said in the previous post, the first of the Holga films came back and they are wicked!

Holden EH

Holden EH







The only problem is the cost – $100 to post, develop and return 5 films. *eep*

Looks like I’ll be venturing into the world of home developing a little earlier than I had anticipated..

first prints

got the first set of prints from the Holgas back, and by all accounts (a 15 minute phone critique), there’s more practice needed. ah well – thats why these things are fun, right?

I’m still at work and haven’t see them yet but I can’t wait to have a look and scan a few later – watch this space. well, the space above, probably as I’ll do a new post cos I’m too lazy to edit this one… :p


Finally finished the first film in the Holga – the sun came out this afternoon and allowed me to rattle off the last couple of shots on random stuff.   Took another few shots on the way home too – I hope they’re going to come out like I think they might.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see – need to shoot a few more films before its worth posting them off to the lab for processing.

Was going to go to Fremantle tomorrow to do some more shooting, but Jay’s back is really bad still, so its probably going to be a very gentle stroll down to the foreshore at Rockingham and a coffee instead.

Am itching to find out how these pictures come out!!!