Fuck you, Ben and Jerry’s

So, Ben and Jerry’s, owned by Unilever, continues to heavily push skewed ‘social justice’ narratives, from BLM to the Capitol riot, and now Israel, where it calls it an ‘apartheid state’ and has now decided not to sell products there.

As that position on Israel is based on deliberately ignoring history and some of the basic facts (and this is also true of the media’s portrayal of the Israel/Palestine situation), and thus I think their position can really only be considered to be blinkered by perhaps anti-semitism and even borderline pro-terrorism. That’s not to say that Israel is not without fault, but it has become increasingly fashionable from the ‘progressive’ ‘left’ to hold anti semitic views (take the UK Labour party for example)

So I think it’s time to join the backlash and stop buying Ben and Jerry’s and Unilever products in general.

Two can play that game, as they say. I don’t have to give my money to people with such distorted views of reality and those that embolden sympathy and try to legitimise the terrorist group and rulers of Gaza, Hamas, who’s stated goals include complete extermination of the Jews.

To support peace is one thing, but to take sides in such a polarized way is not something I support.

Woke progressiveness and intersectionality is a disease that, in attempting to champion equality, simply ruins everything by attributing fault to a perceived oppressive group. I fully support a world and work place where everyone is respected and treated with dignity no matter their gender, skin colour or nationality, sexuality (although that really shouldn’t be anyone else’s business) and background. But we’re increasingly moving away from that.

So until Ben and Jerry’s change their messaging or better still, stay out of this woke crap, I will choose other brands who don’t stir this kind of divisive nonsense whilst at the same time stay silent on other blindingly obvious genuine issues of discrimination, slavery, and persecution around the world.

And I’m looking at you Gillette with your anti-male adverts and Coca Cola and Disney with your recent “anti-racist” (anti-white) training programs, Apple on slavery and working conditions whilst exploiting workers in China, Nike supporting race baiter Colin Kapernick, Facebook, Twitter and Google with your blatant political censorship. People are paying attention to this and are making choices accordingly.

It’s a free market.

So, here are the brands I will be finding alternatives to:

Rexona (Sure, in the UK) and Ben and Jerry’s are are the only ones that I will really have to worry about, but they are now banished from my house and anything I have currently open won’t be replaced by a Unilever brand.

2 Comments on “Fuck you, Ben and Jerry’s

    • Exactly. They go for the soft targets with trendy good vs evil progressive bylines where they know there wont be any meaningful impact to their business but allows them to turn their social virtue upto the max to gain sales and market share in their home market. It’s the most blatant form of cause piggyback marketing there is.

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