good food and wine show

This week The Good Food and Wine show has come to Perth.

Yes, I know.  Culture.  In Perth.  I can hardly believe it either.

Jay got us tickets to go so we could wander around from 10 to 12 before general admission started.  More time for us and the food to get better acquainted before the crowds arrive 🙂

I’ve not been to the Perth exhibition centre before, despite walking past it every working day and looking out onto it from my office window.   It’s widely panned for being a great slab of an aircraft carrier of a building – and to be fair, it’s not the prettiest of buildings, but then, which other city has the exhibition centre right in the middle and next to the train station.  No, not many.

It was not too busy at first and easy to wander around. After a small false start (we had to go out again to get cash or we wouldn’t have been able to buy anything) we started doing laps of the hall.

We bumped into a few people – photographer Kell and hubby Jas we saw a few times for about 30 seconds (we must try to meet up somewhere properly one of these days) and Karin from work who was there with a friend.

There was so much yummy stuff on offer.  1/2 the show was dedicated to wine, but at 10am, I really didn’t feel like sampling any at that stage, so we wandered around the stands of organic dips, Belgian chocolate mousse, handmade fudges, home made olive oils, breads, cheeses and pies, sampling and buying bits as we went.



We had a few laps of the wine section, but I didn’t want to have too much, just find something interesting that I can’t buy in the local wine shop.  There were some interesting wines on offer

I tried reds from Killibinbin, Taylor wines and Lake House wines, Denmark – all v.tasty, but the Killibinbins won me over (plus they’re vegan, so Jay can have a sip).

We whizzed about and bought a few more bits, picked up the wine on the way out and made our way home.

Again, way too much writing, what you’re all wanting is some photos..

Station seat signs – offer the letter ‘L’ to pregnant women and old people.

Pipes steals Jay’s sunnies on the train

The morning’s bounty

And that was that.

We’re now at home with all our goodies.

Fudge, anyone?

4 Comments on “good food and wine show

  1. Great to meet you at last =)
    Oh man you got fudge! Jealous! I couldn’t get anywhere near the stand.
    I didn’t even notice you had a camera either. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.


    • you guys too!
      We did – I think we should have bought a couple of the giant slabs of fudge, not just the 6 small blocks we bought!
      I had my little LX5 with me, its great for this kind of thing! I was going to bring SLR with the 50mil, but I couldn’t be bothered in the end!


  2. There are so many things we forgot to go back for – I meant to grab Morish nuts too. So much nommage – if only it were just us and the food, no crowds! 🙂


  3. Charlies.. was that chocolate?!? You know how I am with chocolate LOL. This looks like a lot of fun, I wish I could’ve gone to something like this. Sometimes, the shows here are private but I definitely have to make it to one.


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