the great lie

I purposely removed all the political stuff from here as it’s too heavy for a general blog, but man, this has got my back up big time

Our beloved Prime Minister, The dishonourable Julia Gillard – Miss Carbon Pollution herself came out gunning about her proposed carbon tax today.

She really believes, like her predecessor, Mr  Kevin “climate change is the greatest moral challenge of our time” Rudd, that mankind is responsible for all climate change, that sea levels are going to rise up and swamp us all and that we’re all going to bake our brains out unless we reduce CO2 emissions.

She, like the other sheep-like politicians, have not stopped to consider any of the actual facts.

Yes, the world was warming a bit (but not unusually so – it was pretty much as warm in the 30’s as it was today) but it’s kinda tailed off of late, and we are still coming out of the last ice age, so you’d expect the climate to head towards a new equilibrium and then fluctuate around that point for a while, which is pretty much what it’s doing.

Anyway, the fact that the CO2 -> temp rise = catastrophic climate change is not in the least bit proven outside of computer models (that grossly oversimplify climate and leave out things like clouds) seems not to matter one bit.  Empirical evidence does not support that conclusion and our understanding of climate is massively uncertain to say the least.

So when Julia Gillard comes out with

“We don’t have time for politicians and shock jocks who deny the scientific conclusions of NASA and the CSIRO,” she said. “We don’t have time for made-up figures and shameless fear mongering. “We don’t have time to waste on a debate that lacks fact and reason.”

It really makes me mad.

Julia, may I suggest you actually spend an hour on google or read a newsfeed from time to time.

This NASA you are claiming to be the font of all knowledge is run by one James Hansen, the chief alarmist of runaway global warming.  His wild predictions of climate doom have been routinely not panned out.  Not even close.  You only have to google James Hansen predictions and suddenly NASA isn’t looking too reliable.  He’s been wrong on almost everything he’s ever said, most famously, his predictions during 1988 address to congress where he presented his alarming temperature projections.

He also predicted 5 metres (16ft) of sea level rise this century. The long term average is only a few mm a year and has actually been flattening off a little in the last decade.  Hardly signs of climate tipping points or catastrophic change.

The man is an eco zealot, regularly arrested protesting outside power stations, likening coal trains to the Nazi death camp trains – he is clearly not someone to be trusted to give even remotely impartial advice.

Here’s a chart showing how his predictions have panned out from researcher Lucia @

It’s a few years old and the global temps have flattened off or even fallen a bit – he doesn’t score too well – his scenario C, the most conservative, is still way overestimating the warming.

CSIRO and the BOM are not blame free either, having been caught out splicing and adjusting temperature records across Australia (check out – he’s been investigating the temperature records and history for a few years now).  Statements such as ‘hottest year’ etc have panned out to be not quite so true when you look at the facts and work out how those numbers have been derived.   We’re talking about 0.6C over a century too and we have no idea if that’s part of a cycle, whether its broadly linear and what it’s actually caused by.

Not a clue.  Its all supposition, models, projections.

And, Julia, the beloved IPCC, the International supposedly impartial foolproof Panel for Climate Change that sums up all this science that’s so settled and unambiguous, has made so many mistakes, been caught on the hop telling porkies on retreat of glaciers, Amazonian rainforest drought, polar bear numbers, storm frequencies, calling criticism ‘voodoo science’ (when the criticism was justified) – this list of inaccuracies is long – in some cases, the ‘evidence’ boiled down to a single subjective essay by a graduate student.  Hardly the peer reviewed reputable science they have claimed.  There’s a lot more of this embedded in there – lots from the WWF too – who are activists with an agenda – their message seriously taints some of the claims.

The Climategate emails affair shows us the lack of scientific ethical standards held by the few at the top of the climate science activist tree – it’s shameful – preventing peers that hold different views from being published and colluding to downplay issues with their own data.  Observers have even called their behaviour scientific fraud.

And just this week – the journal Nature and the IPCC had to issue yet another statement – seems they hyped the facts again – animals are stubbornly not going extinct like they claimed so alarmingly.  Not even close.

Go here for a synopsis – its staggering.

This is just some of the reasons that people don’t buy into the whole man made global warming thing. There are hundreds more reasons, thousands.  You only have to google a bit and pretty quickly you realise the case has been overstated somewhat.  Ok, a lot.

It’s even possible that CO2 has no net effect at all – clouds and rain and other effects may balance it out. Research is ongoing, the current climate models are just guesses without this information

It’s very possible, says some recent research, that the sun (whodathoughtit) controls climate by blocking cosmic rays that seed clouds in the atmosphere – when the sun is active, it slows cloud formation by preventing cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere – ergo higher temps, when the sun is quiet, more seeding happens due to more incoming cosmic rays – more cloud cover means lower temps.  There’s a bit of a lag in this effect, but it potentially explains all the warming/cooling we’ve been seeing over the last century.  All of it.  100% no CO2 involved.

And yet Julia is still calling for many tens of billions of dollars (at the moment, you just wait – this will be just a start) to be wasted on a stupid pointless carbon (she cant even get that right – its carbon dioxide) tax that will achieve nothing.  Nothing at all.  Especially as she intends to pay all the tax back the disadvantaged.  So basically just a middle class tax then.  Socialists like watermelons, green on the outside, red on the inside.

She just cant cant get her head around the fact the rest of the world has cottoned on to the fact that CO2 reduction is pointless  (the UK excepted – the self flagellation continues unabated there) – The US, Canada, India, China, etc – none of them care – emissions trading schemes dropped, carbon exchanges closed, statements and commitments are woolly, targets all dependent on other factors.

2 climate junkets, Copenhagen and Cancun, failed to get any sort of consensus. Coupled with the fact the Australia only contributes 1.5% of man made C02 emissions, any kind of action that Australia does on its own is utterly irrelevant.

So, welcome to Australia – a land where shonky facts and figures, fear mongering, alarmism and a debate that lacks fact and reason is just fine providing you’re on the side of eco “truth”


3 Comments on “the great lie

  1. Good on you boy. You are so right. The world climate is cyclical and has been for millions of years, so computer predictions are pretty useless as they can’t think outside the box! If they can’t get a weather forecast right for the next week how can they predict global carbon emissions. Uk has just committed itself to reducing its CO2 output by a huge amount. You will be taxed for breathing soon.


  2. From reading this I can tell you two things. One: I know you feel good because you sound like you got a lot off your chest. And two: Doesn’t it feel good to rant sometimes? LOL. Now you see why I love to do it. Whether anyone likes what you says or not,, they have to respect your opinion and vice versa. I commend you on saying what you felt 🙂


    • I think these are things that need to be said!

      There are 2 sides to the story – you always know when politicians start spouting that there are other forces at work – they are not, by their nature, altruistic beings. People are not being encouraged to think for themselves and when they do, they are being labelled and stigmatised for it (i.e. being called ‘deniers’ – which, whatever they say, is a pejorative term designed to denigrate and marginalise) – its a big deal and one that is nowhere near as clear cut as we’re being told.

      and yes, it does feel good to rant! lol!



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